API endpoint that allows users to be viewed.

Genders are `{0:'unknown', 1:'male', 2:'female'}

eg http://localhost:8000/api/users/?count_questions__gte=5 to get only users who have asked at least 5 questions

people following me: http://localhost:8000/api/users/?following_users__following=1

people I follow: http://localhost:8000/api/users/?follower_users__user=1

or shorthand for the same:

people following 1: http://localhost:8000/api/users/?is_following=1

people 1 follows: http://localhost:8000/api/users/?is_followed_by=1

Custom Compare filtering & sorting:

we can filter for users who have previously been compared, with a minimum overlap, a pick a sorting method based on their cached compare

http://localhost:8000/api/users/?compare_check={{ userid }},{{ minimum_overlap }},{{ sorting_method }}

eg: http://localhost:8000/api/users/?page=1&page_size=15&compare_check=1,20,compares__difference_percent


check out /demographics to see demographic information about a query

eg http://localhost:8000/api/users/demographics/?count_questions__gte=5 to get demographic information on the first example

you may also set a start date, and number of steps on a demographic query


check out /geographics to see demographic information about a query

eg http://localhost:8000/api/users/geographics/?count_questions__gte=5 to get geographics information on the first example

GET /api/users/18317/
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "id": 18317,
    "username": "KirstyJonesNGP",
    "first_name": "Kirsty",
    "last_name": "Jones",
    "url": "https://api.represent.me/api/users/18317/",
    "photo": "https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com:443/static.represent.me/images/0d10b91a-df8c-4f81-8b80-078a9929fb13.png",
    "age": 30,
    "latest_compare": [],
    "follow": [],
    "locations": [
    "bio": "",
    "created_at": "2017-06-03T03:30:02.559665Z",
    "modified_at": "2019-04-15T15:54:58.871197Z",
    "is_deleted": false,
    "country": 59,
    "country_info": {
        "id": 59,
        "ID": "GBR",
        "name": "United Kingdom",
        "m_type": "country",
        "location": {
            "type": "Point",
            "coordinates": [
        "members_count": 9111,
        "question_count": 923,
        "created_at": "2016-03-20T04:26:45.483907Z",
        "type_description": null,
        "parent": null,
        "parent_url": null,
        "politicians": [],
        "modified_at": "2019-12-08T11:21:34.848145Z"
    "region": 45690,
    "region_info": {
        "id": 45690,
        "ID": "GBR_REGION_ENG",
        "name": "England",
        "m_type": "region",
        "location": {
            "type": "Point",
            "coordinates": [
        "members_count": 7893,
        "question_count": 13,
        "created_at": "2017-03-17T16:31:15.805339Z",
        "type_description": "Constituent Country",
        "parent": 59,
        "parent_url": "https://api.represent.me/api/simple_geos/59/?format=api",
        "politicians": [],
        "modified_at": "2019-12-08T11:21:34.879653Z"
    "last_answer_time": "2017-06-06T11:20:03.651820Z",
    "politician": 1456,
    "politician_info": {
        "id": 1456,
        "ID": null,
        "name": "Kirsty Jones",
        "sort_name": "",
        "email": "kirsty.jones@greenparty.org.uk",
        "twitter": "KirstyJonesNGP",
        "facebook": "",
        "group": "Green",
        "group_id": "",
        "area_id": "45376",
        "area": "Nottingham North",
        "chamber": "",
        "term": "",
        "start_date": "2017",
        "end_date": null,
        "image": null,
        "gender": "",
        "country": "59",
        "type": "candidate",
        "linkedin": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirstyrnc/",
        "facebook_page": "https://www.facebook.com/KirstyJonesGreenParty",
        "fundraising_page": "https://my.greenparty.org.uk/candidates/106120",
        "cv": null,
        "statement": "Kirsty Jones, 27, is standing to become the Member of Parliament for Nottingham North.\n\nKirsty moved to Nottingham in 2010 when she started her nurse training. She works in the NHS as a nurse on the Paediatric Critical Care Unit at the QMC and is the Chair of Nottingham Green Party. She is well-organised, can manage large workloads and is able to put people first in all that she does.\n\nKirsty knows what the NHS needs. She will reverse the decline in funding for the NHS, make sure that NHS is only funded by public money and that all services are delivered by public services, not private companies\n.\nKirsty rents flat she lives in, so she understands the difficulties in renting. She will introduce rent controls, build 500,000 socially rented homes and introduce a Landlord Licensing Scheme to ensure minimum standards.\n\nVote Green on the 8th of June, Kirsty will stand up for you."
    "is_email_verified": true,
    "is_admin_verified": false,
    "is_facebook_verified": false,
    "is_google_verified": false,
    "is_twitter_verified": false,
    "is_linkedin_verified": false,
    "is_stripe_verified": false,
    "verification_count": 1,
    "verification_score": 59,
    "count_questions": 0,
    "count_votes": 500,
    "count_question_votes": 455,
    "count_friends": 0,
    "count_comment_votes": 0,
    "count_choice_votes": 45,
    "count_group_memberships": 1,
    "count_following_tags": 1,
    "count_comments": 0,
    "count_following_users": 3,
    "count_followers": 2,
    "karma": 0