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                "name": "Simon Beard",
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                "email": "",
                "twitter": "@simon_beard",
                "facebook": "",
                "group": "Liberal Democrat",
                "group_id": "",
                "area_id": "45169",
                "area": "Dartford",
                "chamber": "",
                "term": "",
                "start_date": "2017",
                "end_date": null,
                "image": null,
                "gender": "",
                "country": "59",
                "type": "candidate",
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                "cv": null,
                "statement": "I believe in taking the long view and working to make Dartford a better place to live as it continues to grow. Right now, we face an onslaught of social and economic challenges, from the funding crisis in our health and social care services and cuts to our schools to Dartford’s killer air pollution and congestion and the threat of the Conservative’s Hard Brexit. If we carry on with business as usual, this will end in a disaster. We need to face up to these challenges and stop pretending that this is a single-issue election.\n\nA vote for me means an open, honest and progressive plan to plug the NHS funding gap by a 1p rise in income tax. It means more money for our schools, rather than more ministerial vanity projects, and coordinated action to cut congestion and air pollution now and stop kicking the issue down the road. It means a return to sanity in how we negotiate Brexit and our new place in the world.\n\nDartford needs a strong voice to stand up for its interests and stop it being used as a dumping ground for regional infrastructure. It needs an MP who listens and acts to help its residents achieve their goals. Moreover, Dartford needs more choice over how things are done in this town and where we are going. If I am elected on June 8th, I will strive to give you that voice, that help and that choice. Your future, your choice."
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