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    "id": 5,
    "url": "https://api.represent.me/api/question_collection_tags/5/",
    "tag": 11,
    "tag_info": {
        "id": 11,
        "text": "London",
        "followers_count": 22,
        "questions_count": 42,
        "votes_count": 7983
    "collection": 46,
    "collection_info": {
        "id": 46,
        "url": "https://api.represent.me/api/question_collections/46/",
        "user_url": "https://api.represent.me/api/users/11061/",
        "name": "Clean Air",
        "user": {
            "id": 11061,
            "username": "PollyB",
            "first_name": "Polly",
            "last_name": "Billington",
            "url": "https://api.represent.me/api/users/11061/",
            "photo": "https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com:443/static.represent.me/images/prof_initials_0d7ab861ea6c467fbd022478d427d18e.png",
            "age": 51,
            "bio": "",
            "created_at": "2017-01-11T16:43:01.995756Z",
            "modified_at": "2019-04-15T15:53:10.606328Z",
            "is_deleted": false,
            "last_answer_time": "2017-04-17T10:24:41.843997Z",
            "politician": null,
            "politician_info": null,
            "is_email_verified": true,
            "is_admin_verified": false,
            "is_facebook_verified": false,
            "is_google_verified": false,
            "is_twitter_verified": false,
            "is_linkedin_verified": false,
            "is_stripe_verified": false,
            "verification_count": 1,
            "verification_score": 59,
            "count_questions": 6,
            "count_votes": 123,
            "count_question_votes": 105,
            "count_friends": 0,
            "count_comment_votes": 0,
            "count_choice_votes": 18,
            "count_group_memberships": 1,
            "count_following_tags": 10,
            "count_comments": 0,
            "count_following_users": 1,
            "count_followers": 1,
            "karma": 0
        "created_at": "2017-04-17T10:33:25.962951Z",
        "modified_at": "2017-04-17T17:05:35.014037Z",
        "questions_link": "https://api.represent.me/api/questions/?in_collections__parent=46",
        "photo": "https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com:443/static.represent.me/images/1cd48307-7a16-4bf9-8759-317ab1a04634.png",
        "desc": "How does dirty air affect you and what can we do to clean up our air? We are a bunch of campaigners keen to gather support for action to clean up our air, and we think we will need a law to make it a reality - but we also need to know how it affects you.",
        "username": "PollyB",
        "question_count": 5,
        "item_count": 0,
        "end_text": "Thank you for letting us know what you think can be done about our dirty air. if you want to know how dirty the air is where you live or work or go to school, click on the link [here].(\nhttps://www.londonair.org.uk/london/asp/AnnualMapsFullScreen.asp?species=NO2&LayerStrength=95).",
        "expire_at": null,
        "geo": null,
        "geo_url": null,
        "geo_info": null,
        "answered": null
    "user": 11061,
    "user_url": "https://api.represent.me/api/users/11061/",
    "tag_url": "https://api.represent.me/api/tags/11/",
    "created_at": "2017-04-17T10:33:27.139893Z",
    "modified_at": "2017-04-17T10:33:27.140188Z",
    "direct_vote_count": 0,
    "direct_value": 0.0,
    "direct_sum": 0.0,
    "direct_heat": 0.0,
    "direct_consensus": 0.5,
    "direct_skipped": 0,
    "direct_minimum": 0,
    "direct_low": 0,
    "direct_medium": 0,
    "direct_high": 0,
    "direct_maximum": 0