Light-weight API endpoint that allows Questions to be viewed or edited.

Searching and filtering

to find questions asked by molly, answered by chozabu, sorted by date of chozabs answer


to find questions with keyword represent, in order of vote count


pass &limit_count=10 to allow returning more than one question (up to 30) - may return less, but still at least 1 if there are any questions remaning

subset of data methods

pass &return_unanswered_count=1 to get the number of questions remaning for your query - instead of the next_question

pass &return_full_count=1 to get the number of questions for your query (including already answered) - instead of the next_question

pass &order=true or &order=1 to get the next question in collection order

GET /api/next_question_light/?ordering=id
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "returning": 1,
    "results": [
            "id": 1728,
            "question": "Is it fairer that men and women should have the same retirement age?",
            "description": "The government are moving the retirement age for women to be the same as men. It will shortly be 66. By the time those born after 2002 get there, it will be 73.",
            "slug": "is-it-fairer-that-men-and-women-should-have-the-same-retirement-age",
            "my_vote": [],
            "choices": [],
            "liquid_vote_count": 598,
            "liquid_value": 4.25752508361204,
            "liquid_sum": 752.0,
            "liquid_heat": 19.4946401225115,
            "liquid_consensus": 0.78428093645485,
            "liquid_skipped": 9,
            "liquid_minimum": 11,
            "liquid_low": 30,
            "liquid_medium": 47,
            "liquid_high": 216,
            "liquid_maximum": 294,
            "polarisation": 0.212843476788335
    "count": 1887,
    "unanswered": 1887