API endpoint that allows groups to be viewed or edited.



will get groups user 1 is a member of

extra filter API


will find groups where user 1 is an admin

http://localhost:8000/api/groups/?i_can_ask=true - gets groups you are a member of where you can ask questions

http://localhost:8000/api/groups/?i_can_ask=false - gets groups you are a member of where you cannot ask questions

meaning of fields

canAskDefault : new members can_ask flag will match this, controlling if they can ask questions to a group

require_approval_to_join : if True, a membership request will be created, instead of the user instantly joining the group `when the user attempts to join.

secret : prevents the group from showing in the groups list

autoPublishQuestions : users questions must be approved by admin before being added to the group

in detail view

check out unanswered to see questions in a group you have not answered

check out questions to see all questions in a group

check out join to join or request to join a group

check out leave to leave a group

check out enable_notifications

check out disable_notifications

If require_approval_to_join is true a request to join will be sent instead of instantly joining

check out members to see members of a group

GET /api/groups/44/
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "id": 44,
    "url": "https://api.represent.me/api/groups/44/",
    "name": "Woodcraft Folk",
    "slug": "woodcraft-folk",
    "parent": null,
    "desc": "Trial period: if enough people engage with/ share this, \r\nWoodcraft Folk may consider integrating Represent.me into its national democratic framework, to better represent its members young and old, across the nation.",
    "image": "https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com:443/static.represent.me/images/blob_GKQgmnx",
    "logo_image": null,
    "welcome_message": "",
    "created_at": "2016-04-13T13:38:52.851746Z",
    "modified_at": "2017-04-23T11:01:43.209290Z",
    "private": false,
    "default_share_email": 0,
    "member_count": 5,
    "my_membership": null,
    "autoPublishQuestions": true,
    "requested_join": false,
    "questions_count": 11,
    "require_approval_to_join": false,
    "secret": false,
    "canAskDefault": true,
    "votes_count": 102,
    "official": false